Visual Offer Letter from Greenhouse

Creating Offers in Greenhouse

If the Greenhouse integration with Pave is turned on, offers created in Greenhouse will be sent to Pave. You will be able to view the Greenhouse-generated offer if you log into the Pave portal using the same email address associated with your Greenhouse account. To see the offer, navigate to the menu on the left side of the page, and select Offers. If you do not see Offers, reach out to your Pave Administrator to confirm your permissions.

Follow these steps to create Pave-compatible Greenhouse offers:

Create the Candidate: To create a Visual Offer Letter in your ATS, log into ATS and navigate to the candidate who should receive the offer. The candidate profile must have these fields completed before sending a Visual Offer Letter through Pave:
First Name
Last Name
Ensure the person creating the offer letter is tagged as the recruiter

Create the Offer: Move the candidate to the “Offer” stage and select “Manage Offer”. Select “Create Offer” and complete the information associated with the Offer. These fields are required:
Start Date
Salary (field type must be currency)
Equity (recommend number of shares)

If using value (gross or net) please work with your onboarding team to define exact Equity calculations
[Optional]: We offer customizations to accommodate for more complex candidate operations.
recruiter - field type: User. If specified as a custom field on the offer, we will use this to override the recruiter associated with the candidate.
More details on ATS-based offers here.

Offers will be generated in Pave when the offer is “saved” in your ATS. This may be before the offer is approved, if you use the ATS approval feature.

Note: Offer updated does not take into account approval workflows. For teams that use approval workflows they should use the offer approved web-hook instead of offer updated/offer created (depending on company policies).

*If an offer created in Greenhouse has the same email address of an offer that is already in Pave, it will overwrite and update the offer in Pave with the new details from Greenhouse (regardless of if the offer was originally created in Pave or ATS).

Note: At this time, we only support creating Visual Offer Letters from Pave, Greenhouse and Lever. Pave plans to enable Visual Offer Letter creation with other Applicant Tracking Systems over time.

Editing Offers in Greenhouse

To identify whether an offer was generated in Greenhouse, look for the green Greenhouse icon associated with the candidate/offer. Offers generated in Greenhouse should be edited directly in Greenhouse and will appear on the offer in the Pave portal.

Generally, the email address associated with the offer should not be edited. Editing a candidate’s email address will require that the candidate create a new Pave account with an updated email address.

Deleting Offers in Greenhouse

Greenhouse-powered Visual Offer Letters will be deleted from Pave in any of the following scenarios:
The candidate is marked as “Candidate Declined” or “Mark Candidate as Hired”
The offer is rejected
The candidate is deleted

Offers generated from Greenhouse cannot be removed from within the Pave portal.

Sharing a Visual Offer Letter

To share a Visual Offer Letter directly with a candidate from the Pave portal, select the candidate you wish to send an offer to. Once you are in the candidates' offer, click on the Send Offer button, located on the top right. From there you have two options:

Send an offer with custom messaging, this will be on company branded letterhead.
Copy the offer link, and then create a standard email and include the link to the offer letter.
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