Visual Offer Letter

There are two ways to create offer letters: directly in the Pave portal and in your Applicant Tracking System (Greenhouse or Lever).

To create a visual offer letter, you must have Visual Offer Letters included in your Pave package.

Visual Offer Letters can only be created and edited by Users who have the Candidates -> View permission set. If you are using default permissions, that would be Admins, Recruiters and Recruiting Managers. If you are unsure about your permissions, reach out to your company’s Pave Administrator or email

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Visual Offer Letter in Pave

Creating Offers in the Pave tool

To create a Visual Offer Letter in Pave, create an account or log in to the Pave portal. Work emails should be used when creating Pave accounts.

Navigate to the menu on the left side of the page, and select Offers. If you do not see Offers reach out to your Pave Administrator to confirm you have the appropriate permission set.

Create a new offer, and complete the information listed. Make sure to use your work email as the Recruiter's email. Leave any irrelevant compensation fields blank. Create the Visual Offer Letter by pressing Create.

You can preview the offer letter you created by selecting Preview your offers in the Pave portal.

Editing Offers in the Pave tool

Offers created in Pave can be edited in Pave, or overwritten by generating an offer with the same candidate email address in your ATS. In other words, if there is an offer for the same candidate within your ATS and Pave, your ATS offer will override the Pave one (i.e., your ATS has higher priority).

If an offer was generated in the Pave portal, it can be edited by navigating to the offer in Pave, editing to corresponding fields, and saving by pressing Update. Edits will be immediately reflected in the Visual Offer Letter the candidate can see.

To overwrite an offer originally generated in the Pave portal using your ATS, generate an offer in your ATS with the same candidate email address used to generate the offer letter in Pave. See Visual Offer Letter from Greenhouse/Lever in this documentation for more details.

Generally, the email address associated with the offer should not be edited unless the email address is incorrect. Editing a candidate’s email address will require that the candidate create a new Pave account with an updated email address.

Deleting Offers in the Pave tool

Visual Offer Letters generated in the Pave portal can be removed using the Delete button in the upper right corner of the offer. Deleted offers will no longer be accessible to the candidate and will be removed from the Pave portal.

*Offers generated from your ATS must be deleted in your ATS in order to delete them in Pave.

Sharing a Visual Offer Letter

To share a Visual Offer Letter directly with a candidate from the Pave portal, select the candidate you wish to send an offer to. Once you are in the candidates' offer, click on the Send Offer button, located on the top right. From there you have two options:

Send an offer with custom messaging, this will be on company branded letterhead.
Copy the offer link, and then create a standard email and include the link to the offer letter.
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