What data does Pave collect as part of the Compensation Benchmarking integration? Is data anonymized?


When integrating your systems to gain access to our benchmarking product, we collect the following information: email, name, title, department, location, and compensation details like cash and equity. The email, first name, and last name fields are necessary to link data between the HRIS and cap table system. Title, department, and location are used to place the employee into an individual benchmark.

All of this data is aggregated and anonymized before being added to the benchmarking dataset. To eliminate the risk of revealing data for an individual company or employee, we only show results for a data slice if the sample size is larger than 3.


Carta is the most popular cap table system that we integrate with to access equity information. In Carta, we are granted the Company Viewer role. This role gives us permissions to all pages under the account except for Settings and Access (under Company) and Expense Accounting (under Compliance). Company Viewers can also download all reports.

We pull historical valuations and fully diluted shares so that we can value the grants. Additionally, we pull the Vesting Details report and the Equity Ledgers report. You can read more about Carta permissions here.
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