Why can't I see my equity in the Total Rewards portal?

Your equity grant will appear in Pave once it has been uploaded to Carta. It may take a few weeks after you begin work at a new company for them to start this process. Here's what's happening:

The board has to approve your grant. This normally occurs at the first board meeting after your start date. Depending on the cycle in which your company conducts board meetings, this could occur during your first week or later.
Your grant has to be uploaded in Carta. Once the board approved your grant, it has to be uploaded into Carta. This process can take time and varies by company.
You will see your grant in Carta!
You will see your grant in Pave! Once your grant is in Carta, you will be able to see it in your Pave Total Rewards portal.

If you aren't seeing your grant, confirm that you have access to Carta and that your grant is visible there. If you confirm this and still can't see it, please reach out to your manager or email support@pave.com.
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