If you haven't created an account with Pave yet, create an account before trying to log in.

To view an offer letter as a candidate or your total rewards as an employee, you’ll need to log into your company's Pave portal at “app.pave.com/signup”.

To access Pave's Admin portal, where you can set up integrations, manage merit cycle compensation changes or generate visual offer letters, you'll need to log in to Pave Admin. The URL for Pave Admin is "admin.pave.com".

If you get an error or a blank screen when attempting to log in, ensure the email address you are using to log in is (1) the primary email address your company has for you (if you are a recruiter, it should be the same email you use in your ATS; if you are an employee it should be the same email you would use to log into your payroll/HR system), and (2) is the same email address you used when creating an account.

Using Google
If the email address you signed up to Pave with is a Google account (or Google hosted account), you can use the “Sign in with Google” option. You may be prompted to confirm your identity via Google.

You can use the “Log in with Google” option regardless of whether you created an account via the “Log in with Google” option, or the email and password option, so long as the account is hosted by Google.

Using Email + Password
If you created an account with an email & password, you can use that email and password to log in.

You cannot use the email & password option if you created an account via Google Authentication; you must use the “Log in with Google” option if you created your account using Google.

Password Reset
If you are using the Email + Password option to log in and you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Password” link and enter the email address you used to create your account. An email verification will be sent to that email address, which will ask you to reset your password. You can then use that new password to log in.

If you are using the “Log in with Google” option, you will need to reset your Google password.
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