How do I access my Total Rewards Portal?
Create an account at , with your company email address.

What is shown in my Total Rewards Portal?
You will see you Total Rewards, which Pave classifies as Salary, Bonuses, Variable Compensation, Equity, and Benefits
- Please not that not all employees have the same form of compensation

Where does Pave get my compensation information from?
Pave integrates with your organization's HRIS, Payroll, ATS, and Cap Table systems

How does Pave determine the value of my benefits?
Pave does not determine any component of an employees compensation. This information comes directly from your organization.

How does the equity slider work?
The equity slider is a tool that allows you to visualize the value of your equity if your company achieves the selected valuation.

When I adjust my equity slider why does the graph not show the same valuation for the next 4 year?
The graph goes from current valuation to selected valuation. In between the starting year and future year, we add in additional hypothetical valuations to show potential equity growth.

Why is my equity different in the equity tab on the left hand side compared to the equity valuation on the graphs?
The value of the tile on the left is a moving 365 value of your equity, the equity value in the graphs are static for the year.

Does Pave factor in taxes or provide a tax calculator in regards to annual compensation
Taxes differ for every person, Pave recommends consulting with a certified tax professional
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