How do I create an offer in Pave?
Creating a Visual Offer Letter through Pave

What fields do I need to fill out to send a Visual Offer Letter?
You will be need to fill out a candidates; name, job title, job city, job country, start date, personal email address, compensation information, and equity information (if applicable)

Can I get an offer approved using Pave?
Pave is a tool we for recruiters and hiring managers to help their candidates visualize the offer they are receiving. We recommend to keep the same approval workflow that is currently in place and use Pave during the initial offer stage.

How does the equity slider work?
The equity slider is a tool that allows you to visualize the value of your equity if your company achieves the selected valuation over the course of your vesting schedule

When I adjust my equity slider why does the graph not show the same valuation for the next 4 years?
The graph goes from current valuation to selected valuation. In between the starting year and future year, we add in additional hypothetical valuations to show potential equity growth.

Some of my candidates are not familiar with options, do you have any resources available?
We have a "Learn the Basics" section in the Visual Offer Letter. It covers the basics of options and RSU's and other important information such as, cliff date, vesting period, liquidity, and more.

How do most recruiters in the Pave ecosystem use Visual Offer Letter
We see that recruiters use Pave as a tool to help their candidates visualize and understand their annual compensation. They share their screen on a video call and share the cash compensation, the equity compensation (the good and the bad), and the benefits. They allow their candidates to ask questions, and share different valuations with the equity slider.

Does Pave factor in taxes or provide a tax calculator in regards to annual compensation
Taxes differ for every person, Pave recommends consulting with a certified tax professional
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